A.J. Kueterman

Software engineer working to build beautiful, stable, documented, and tested applications. Deep experience in native Android and iOS development, passionate about quality apps and great design. Highly focused, detail-oriented coder with a proven ability to deliver results for clients and product owners.

A.J. Kueterman | 2967 Douglas Terrace | Cincinnati, OH 45212 ajkueterman@gmail.com | (937)-430-2785 | AJ on GitHub

Core Skills

Proficient in Kotlin / Java / Swift used primarily in the development of native Android and iOS client applications. In Android, core experience is with building apps using the Google-recommended app architecture patterns - utilizing technologies like the Android ViewModel, Jetpack Compose, Kotlin coroutines, Dagger/Hilt, and Retrofit.

Experience managing mobile applications through the entire software lifecycle, from the design and development of a feature, to automated testing, builds, deployment, and releases, and through maintenance, documentation, and ongoing support. Experience working with both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Full-stack experience building, testing, and deploying/hosting apps in AWS to support mobile clients using a backend-for-frontend architecture.

Up to date with current development tools, and always looking at the next thing to help improve how I build software.

And if there’s time, some stuff I like at the bottom.

Work History

Advanced Software Engineer - Kroger

(July 2021 → Present)

Lead Software Engineer - Fifth Third Bank

(June 2020 → July 2021)

Senior Application Developer - Fifth Third Bank

(June 2016 → June 2020)

Developer, IT Leadership Program - Fifth Third Bank

(June 2014 → June 2016)

Developer - Teradata

(May 2013 → August 2013)

IT Intern - United Technologies Aerospace

(May 2012 → August 2012)


University of Dayton

(August 2010 → May 2014)

Bachelor’s of Science, Computer Information Systems; Minor in Cyber Security.

Served as Vice President and President of the University of Dayton chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery. 2012→2014

Other Projects


Unclack is a macOS app that automatically mutes your keyboard while you type. Unclack launched on Hacker News - reaching the top page and generating nearly 1000 downloads and 15,000 impressions in one day, and on Product Hunt - where it was the #1 App on Product Hunt on January 10th, 2021.

Technologies/Tools Used: SwiftUI, AppKit, Hugo, Affinity Designer


OctoNote is an iOS note taking app with powerful markdown support that saves your notes as GitHub gists.

Technologies/Tools Used: Swift, CocoaPods, OAuth2 with iOS AuthenticationServices, TextKit, App Store In App Purchases, Affinity Designer


fuzZzy is an iOS sound machine built for simplicity and reliability that I created to help myself get to sleep while traveling.

Technologies/Tools Used: Swift, CocoaPods, App Store In App Purchases, Affinity Designer

Fit Foods Coach

Fit Foods Coach is an Android app with an AWS back-end that enables easy food replacement on a meal plan. Select the food you’re supposed to eat on your plan, and Fit Foods Coach suggests replacement foods that have similar macros.

Technologies/Tools Used: Kotlin, AWS Mobile SDK, Google Play Store Subscriptions, Affinity Designer

Base11 Studios Site

Base11 Studios is a small app development shop in Cincinnati. I’m one of three developers on the team working on mobile projects - both personal and client driven.

One of my first projects on the team was a site re-design. I built the Base11 Studios site as one of my first team projects.

Technologies/Tools Used: Jekyll (Liquid, Markdown, HTML/CSS), GitHub Pages, Affinity Designer


Sometimes I write about coding, technology, and other stuff that interests me.

Technologies/Tools Used: Jekyll (Liquid, Markdown, HTML/CSS), Netlify, GitHub Pages, Affinity Designer, Procreate

Contact Me & References

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly via my email, via my LinkedIn, or by phone/voicemail.

References will be provided upon request.

(Bonus) Stuff I Like

If you need this document in a different format than you are viewing it, please reach out and I’ll get you the markdown/PDF/HTML that you need.