Hey! 👋 My name is AJ Kueterman

I live in Cincinnati, OH where I work as a mobile developer focused on Android. Outside of work, I focus primarily on iOS development. I have a few apps in the App Store/Play Store - including OctoNote, fuzZzy, and Fit Foods Coach - with my friends at Base11 Studios, a local dev shop here in Cincinnati.

For more about me and what I’ve been working on recently, check out my resume.

I’m passionate about technology and internet culture. I’m fascinated by how the world is changing, how global human forces impact our environment, how technology is changing our lives. I’m interested in team dynamics, the challenges of managing technical products, and understanding how corporate technology products are changing. I read Hacker News obsessively. This site is an attempt to put that passion into words, while not taking myself too seriously.

When I’m not coding at work or for fun, I like to listen to podcasts, play Stardew Valley on my Switch, draw, play tabletop RPG’s, and watch TV.

Check out some of the apps that I’ve helped build at Base11 Studios

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The site is written in markdown using Atom, built with Jekyll, and hosted with ❤️ on GitHub.

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